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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches?

February 29, 2020 2579 Views

Yes, emerging or impacted wisdom teeth can be a reason for headache pain. Please keep reading to find out why wisdom teeth cause headaches. Emerging wisdom teeth You wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17 to 25 and are the third set of molars, located at the end of your jawbone. Most people … Continue reading “Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches?”

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Can I Drink Coffee after A Tooth Extraction?

February 15, 2020 13383 Views

The idea of having a warm cup of coffee is very generous and soothing after a hectic tooth extraction surgery. But, it is not in your best interest to drink it – at least for a few days till your mouth is healing. For a healthy and quick healing process, follow the instructions of your … Continue reading “Can I Drink Coffee after A Tooth Extraction?”

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