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How To Protect Your Child’s Oral Health

May 30, 2021 1056 Views

Unlike adults, who have stronger teeth, children have much weaker teeth. Children are much more prone to oral diseases as a result, and therefore they require your undivided attention and help in keeping their oral health safe. First, let us discuss newborns. Though most newborn children do not have teeth, some are born with natal … Continue reading “How To Protect Your Child’s Oral Health”

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Here Is Why Your Gums Bleed While You Are Flossing Your Teeth

May 15, 2021 637 Views

Patients complain to their dentist all the time about bleeding gums. Some portray it as the reason they stopped flossing. Others believe that bleeding gums are casual. It is essential to understand that bleeding gums are not usual or healthy for your oral health. If your gums are bleeding, the message is unambiguous. Something is … Continue reading “Here Is Why Your Gums Bleed While You Are Flossing Your Teeth”

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