4 Common Reasons for White Spots on Teeth

Are there white spots on your teeth? These spots can appear for many reasons, like illness, infection, deficiencies, fluorosis, etc. It can dull the look of your teeth and make you feel self-conscious. Hence, it might help to know the reasons behind these white spots.

What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

White spots on teeth are usually due to mineral loss in your tooth’s enamel layer. However, there are other reasons they might occur as well. We will list down some of the possible reasons your teeth have discoloration:

  1. Demineralization
    The bacteria in your mouth can grow over time and strip your teeth of the essential minerals. These harmful bacteria weaken your tooth enamel, causing it to wear away. As a result, white or brown spots appear on the surface of your teeth. Furthermore, it can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Thus, it is better to get a dental checkup immediately. If you were thinking, “Are white spots on teeth cavities?” then yes, they very well can be.
  2. Fluorosis
    Fluoride is great for strengthening your teeth. However, too much fluoride can leave a literal mark in the shape of white calcium spots on teeth. It is more common in children and occurs due to multiple sources of fluoride like toothpaste, supplements, etc. If it is not treated in childhood, you might still carry the marks as you get older. Fluorosis can leave yellow, brown, and white spots.
  3. Enamel Hypoplasia
    Thin or absent enamel can result from a condition called enamel hypoplasia. This condition can also show white or brown marks on your tooth’s surface. You might get this due to nutrient deficiency, an illness that causes high fever, smoking while pregnant, etc. It can also lead to cavities or tooth decay.
  4. Lack of Proper Nutrition
    Lack of proper nutrition can cause calcium loss in your teeth. Minerals like calcium are fundamental for building healthy tooth enamel. Thus, if your diet lacks the essential minerals, it can result in white spots on your teeth.

Is there a method to get rid of white spots on teeth?

Your dentist might be able to get rid of white spots on your teeth, although it depends on their cause, size, quantity, and the state of your tooth enamel. The way they can treat it is by:

  • Microabrasion
  • Veneers
  • Teeth Bleaching

It is always better to practice precaution. You should:

  • Properly brush your teeth.
  • Floss to remove bacteria between your teeth.
  • Have a nutrient-rich diet.
  • Make sure to drop by your dentist often.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, white spots on teeth can be caused by many factors. Therefore, it is always better to practice good oral hygiene, have balanced meals, and regularly visit your dentist. Do you have discolored marks on your teeth or any other dental issue? You can contact our specialists at SIMA Family Dental by dialing 281-457-6444 and booking your appointments right now.

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