7 Tips to Keep Your Braces Clean and Strong

Wearing a dental appliance can be irritating and annoying, especially when small food bits stuck in the wires and elastic parts. If keeping your braces clean is proving to be difficult, here are some tips that can use in your favor.

1. Drink plenty of water
Drinking plenty of water is beneficial on its own, and it also helps to wash away food particles stuck in your wires and brackets. Gargling water after eating is a good habit as it removes debris more effectively.

2. Avoid certain food items
You should avoid eating hard food with braces. This includes foods that need a lot of chewing, such as apple, carrots, bagels, nuts, French bread. However, you can cook or turn them into moistened form to extend your menu. Potato crisps and other junk food can get stuck between the wires of your braces. Moreover, they can leave an oily coating on your teeth’s surface that can lead to plaque.

3. Don’t eat candies
All sorts of candies are full of sugar, but soft candies are the worst enemies of braces due to their stickiness. They can stick to the metal components and stay there for hours if you don’t brush properly.

4. Stay away from the gum
Gums can get stuck in your braces, and unlike soft candies, gum can’t be dissolved by water. It can be much harder to remove a gum due to its stickiness as it stretches and sticks to anything it meets.

5. Use a soft and slim bristled brush
As compared to regular sized bristled, slimmer bristles can easily get in between teeth. Also, avoid using hard-bristled brushes, as these can damage your braces.

6. Handle your braces with care
If your braces have removable elastic parts, remove them carefully before brushing and put them back afterward.

7. Brush your tongue
The tongue is an open surface, and bacteria can reproduce on it. Whenever you brush your teeth, don’t forget to brush your tongue.

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