9 Common Reasons Why Your Teeth Feel Like They Are Buzzing

Have you ever felt like your teeth are buzzing? As if they suddenly came alive, vibrating from within their roots like mini electric toothbrushes? If so, you were probably confused. After all, it’s not exactly normal to feel things inside your teeth, much less any kind of tingling. So what exactly is it that causes your pearly whites to shake like that?

This peculiar feeling usually results from too much caffeine or suddenly biting into a freezing ice cream cone. However, not every case is that simple. Sometimes, the reason why your teeth feel like they are buzzing is because of an underlying dental concern, which may or may not be serious. To find out more, continue reading.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Like They Are Buzzing?

Buzzing teeth is not an uncommon phenomenon. However, it still requires dental care and assistance. To do so, identifying the root problem is important. Here are some common causes that tend to trigger the nerves in your teeth.

      1. Teeth Sensitivity
        Every time you drink or eat something that varies in temperature, your teeth are the first to react to it. This happens because the layer of enamel on the teeth grows thin over time, exposing the insides of the tooth, including all the nerve endings.
      2. Mouth Ulcer
        You’re probably used to seeing cold sores appear on your lips, but did you know a sore or mouth ulcer can also pop up on your gums? This might cause your gums and teeth to feel a little tingly.
      3. Certain Oral Care Products
        The oral care products you use can also be why your teeth feel like they are buzzing. For instance, a teeth whitening toothpaste may not hurt while using it, but after a few days, the aftereffects are likely to show. Similarly, an alcohol-based mouthwash would have the same trembling effect on your teeth.
      4. Gingivitis
        A serious case of gum disease, like gingivitis or periodontitis, can severely damage your gums. This can further bring about a myriad of symptoms, such as swelling, tenderness, and tingling.
      5. Bite Misalignment
        An improper bite often results in serious dental problems like malocclusion or a TMJ disorder. It might even negatively affect your tooth roots, making them feel like they are buzzing.
      6. Food Stuck Between Teeth
        At times the reason why your teeth feel weird is because of a pesky piece of your dinner stuck between the gaps of the teeth.
      7. Teeth Grinding
        When you constantly grind or clench your teeth, the roots automatically loosen, causing the teeth to shift from their place. To prevent this from happening, consult your dentist about getting a protective mouthguard.
      8. Brushing Teeth Too Hard
        Brushing your teeth two times throughout the day is mandatory and a sign of good oral hygiene. However, aggressive brushing can do more harm than good, effectively triggering oral sensitivity.
      9. Sinus Inflammation
        Not many people realize this, but sometimes your teeth start vibrating because of sinus inflammation. It has nothing to do with your dental hygiene but with clogged sinuses applying pressure on your teeth, causing them to tingle and buzz.

In A Nutshell

If you woke up with your mouth feeling funny, making you wonder, “Why do my teeth feel like they are buzzing?” hopefully, reading this blog helped you understand the cause behind it. However, to make sure your oral health isn’t severely affected, visit SIMA Dental in Channelview at 14815 Woodforest Blvd, TX 77530, located next to Subway. You can also contact us beforehand to schedule an appointment by dialing (281) 457-6444.

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