All That You Need to Know If Your Crown Fell Out

When your tooth gets severely damaged or weak, your dentist might suggest getting a dental crown. A dental crown shields your weakened tooth, improving its shape, size, build, and look. They are durable and fit over your tooth like a cap. If your crown fell out, don’t worry. Yes, it is a dental emergency. But we can guide you on what to do.

Crown Fell Out? Here’s Why:

Your dental crown can fall off for many reasons. These include:

  • It is possible that harmful bacteria managed to sneak under your dental crown. As a result, the cement of your crown may wear off. The next thing you know, your crown falls off or comes loose. Other than this, it can also disturb the fit of your crown by forming cavities in the weakened tooth.
  • It is possible that your crown fell out because the fitting was wrong. Visit your dentist to fix this issue.
  • Your crown is held with the help of special cement. Sometimes, the crown comes loose because the cement is less than required.
  • Eating sticky or chewy food can also cause loose or fallen crowns.
  • Grinding your teeth can disturb the fitting of your crown.
  • If your tooth is severely weak, that can affect the fitting of your crown.

Steps to follow if your crown fell out

If your dental crown fell off, you need to do the following:

  1. Inform Your Dentist At Once:
    If your crown fell out for any reason, the first thing you need to do is inform your dentist. You required the crown for your damaged tooth, which is still in weak condition and now without shelter.
  2. Wash the Crown & Keep it Safe:
    Your crown can be put back if it is still usable. Therefore, don’t throw it away. Gently rinse it under warm water, and then keep it safe. After you have washed your crown, put it in a plastic bag or anywhere safe. Then, bring it to the dentist when you visit them. If it is in good condition, your dentist might be able to put it back on.
  3. Care for your weakened tooth:

    Some questions might be running through your mind in this circumstance, like, “Can I put my crown back on myself?”

    You can, but temporarily. With the help of temporary dental wax or dental cement, you can reattach the crown to protect your damaged tooth. When you go to your dentist, they will remove it and attach the crown professionally.

    You might start feeling pain in your tooth, if you’re thinking, “My crown fell off, and my tooth hurts!”

    Sometimes it takes around two days to get the appointment. In the meantime, you can temporarily tend to your sensitive tooth on your own. Apart from fixing it yourself, you can take over-the-counter pain medications as per your dentist’s suggestion. Moreover, you can request emergency treatment from your dentist. Make sure to inform your dentist of the toothache and follow their instructions.

  4. Let Your Dentist Do Their Work:
    After visiting your dentist, the matter is no longer only in your hands. They will reattach the crown, if possible. Otherwise, you will need a replacement.

My crown fell off, can I eat?

Yes, if your crown fell out, you can eat. However, it is best to eat from the other side of your mouth, so your weakened tooth isn’t under any more strain. Try to eat liquid or soft foods, and avoid chewy, sticky meals until you get the required treatment.

The Takeaway:

It is rare but possible that your crown fell out. If it did, then it can be fixed too. Just follow the instructions and visit your nearby dentist. Or you can schedule an appointment with the best dentists at SIMA Dental at 281-457-6444.

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