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Four great alternatives to dental implants

November 30, 2020 49 Views

Healthy white teeth are one of the most precious assets we have; if we lose anyone, life becomes difficult. At present dental implant is one of the most popular and effective ways to replace the missing teeth; however, it doesn’t suit everyone. Few medical conditions or time, cost, and commitment, the treatment requirements are not … Continue reading “Four great alternatives to dental implants”

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Causes and Natural Remedies for See-Through Teeth

November 15, 2020 242 Views

Have you closely observed your teeth in the mirror; you should as it is essential for oral health. One of the possibilities is that you feel something is not right. Your pearly whites are forming jagged edges with faded white shades, or you see through the teeth. At first, it might be worrying, but wisely … Continue reading “Causes and Natural Remedies for See-Through Teeth”

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Is it better to get a root canal or Implant?

October 30, 2020 278 Views

After surviving from the accident, I had no option left but to opt for a root canal or Implant. The tragedy not only affected me physically but damaged my oral health. The damaged tooth needed repairs quickly; otherwise, the jaw, bone, and the remaining teeth would suffer. Hence, to make the right decision, it was … Continue reading “Is it better to get a root canal or Implant?”

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The pros and cons of dental implants

October 15, 2020 476 Views

For an adult, losing teeth is one of the nightmares. Moving around with gaps and open sockets in the mouth is frightening; imagine if it happens. But, if the accident occurs, the dental implant is the most popular solution. The procedure may take time; however, the resulting teeth function naturally and are an exact copy. … Continue reading “The pros and cons of dental implants”

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How to Treat an Overbite?

September 30, 2020 358 Views

What is an Overbite? Overbite is when the upper teeth overlap the lower ones. In medical terms, it is known as a malocclusion. Often, an overbite can merely appear to be an issue with crooked teeth when, in fact, the person’s teeth and jaws are not lining up properly. How is it Caused? The most … Continue reading “How to Treat an Overbite?”

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Wearing Retainers After Braces

September 15, 2020 407 Views

Retainers are a custom appliance that holds your teeth in place. They are often prescribed after orthodontia, such as braces, to keep your bite in place after being corrected. Though wearing a retainer can be irritating, but it’s still less inconvenient than having braces all over again. So, let’s get to know how long you … Continue reading “Wearing Retainers After Braces”

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What to Do If Your Permanent Tooth Falls Out

August 30, 2020 465 Views

During childhood, everyone experiences baby teeth that become loose and fall out one by one. But once our permanent teeth come in, we hope they don’t go anywhere. Unfortunately, permanent teeth can also become loose and even fall out. It may feel terrifying if your permanent tooth is loose or falls out, but this issue … Continue reading “What to Do If Your Permanent Tooth Falls Out”

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How to Remove Decalcification after Braces

August 15, 2020 206 Views

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, specifically braces, you need to keep exemplary dental hygiene. The bonding cement that affixes the braces and teeth together creates a seal that can allow microbes to go through the enamel. With time bacteria will breed in these regions and begin to wear down the minerals in the tooth. This will … Continue reading “How to Remove Decalcification after Braces”

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What Orthodontic Issues Can and Can’t Invisalign Fix?

July 30, 2020 374 Views

Invisalign can fix the following issues in some patients, depending on the severity or if there are a combination of issues: Overbite Can Invisalign fix an overbite? In some cases, Invisalign can move teeth so that the top and bottom teeth align properly when your mouth is closed. Crooked Teeth Invisalign is a comfy and … Continue reading “What Orthodontic Issues Can and Can’t Invisalign Fix?”

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Treatment for Loose Teeth

July 15, 2020 216 Views

Explaining loose teeth treatment is much more complicated than this brief review will allow. For this reason, you need to see your dentist for a detailed assessment and diagnosis of what is causing your loose teeth. However, what you are experiencing may be the result of periodontal (gum) disease. A bone that normally supports the … Continue reading “Treatment for Loose Teeth”

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