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How long does Invisalign take?

February 28, 2021 44 Views

We all want to have a perfect smile, one way to get it is by using Invisalign. Due to its positive results, Invisalign is gaining popularity; they are clear and almost invisible. Therefore no one knows that you are wearing something on your teeth. Moreover, you can take it out anytime, like during meals. Often … Continue reading “How long does Invisalign take?”

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Veneers vs. crowns; which is the best choice

February 15, 2021 150 Views

A smile lightens up the world around us. We all want a tremendous lasting smile; however, for it, we need clean white teeth. Both veneers and crowns are a great solution to restore your teeth and smile. They cover up the dull, cracked, discolor and misshape teeth so that what appears is a flawless, bright … Continue reading “Veneers vs. crowns; which is the best choice”

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How to eat a hamburger with dentures?

January 30, 2021 369 Views

When wearing dentures, most people worry about eating their favorite foods. These replacement teeth help fill up gaps and function; likewise, people face difficulty biting hard and crunchy food. Simple queries that come up are how to eat a hamburger with dentures or your favorite slice of pizza? So, to make things easy and less … Continue reading “How to eat a hamburger with dentures?”

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Three types of partial dentures

January 15, 2021 221 Views

Over the past many years, dentures are replacing the gaps of missing teeth; they have improved with time. The shape, material, and process of adjusting the dentures improve and become convenient and more comfortable. Previously, materials such as animal teeth, wood, and porcelain were in use; however, today, it uses acrylic, polymer resins, and cast … Continue reading “Three types of partial dentures”

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Is turmeric teeth whitening useful?

December 30, 2020 356 Views

Looking at history, turmeric is a famous spice used in making many herbal formulas. There is no doubt that this spice has many natural benefits. Our elders put it in warm milk to soothe a cough or made a paste to apply on the wound for quick relief. Is this spice good for teeth, and … Continue reading “Is turmeric teeth whitening useful?”

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Dental Implants for Seniors

December 15, 2020 351 Views

Teeth are valuable assets at all stages of life. Children have healthier teeth, but with age, many oral problems arise. We often see our elders, including grandparents, uncles, and aunts, wearing dentures, but what about the convenience. It is challenging to manage every day with dentures; hence dental implants for seniors are a better option. … Continue reading “Dental Implants for Seniors”

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Four great alternatives to dental implants

November 30, 2020 353 Views

Healthy white teeth are one of the most precious assets we have; if we lose anyone, life becomes difficult. At present dental implant is one of the most popular and effective ways to replace the missing teeth; however, it doesn’t suit everyone. Few medical conditions or time, cost, and commitment, the treatment requirements are not … Continue reading “Four great alternatives to dental implants”

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Causes and Natural Remedies for See-Through Teeth

November 15, 2020 408 Views

Have you closely observed your teeth in the mirror; you should as it is essential for oral health. One of the possibilities is that you feel something is not right. Your pearly whites are forming jagged edges with faded white shades, or you see through the teeth. At first, it might be worrying, but wisely … Continue reading “Causes and Natural Remedies for See-Through Teeth”

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Is it better to get a root canal or Implant?

October 30, 2020 578 Views

After surviving from the accident, I had no option left but to opt for a root canal or Implant. The tragedy not only affected me physically but damaged my oral health. The damaged tooth needed repairs quickly; otherwise, the jaw, bone, and the remaining teeth would suffer. Hence, to make the right decision, it was … Continue reading “Is it better to get a root canal or Implant?”

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The pros and cons of dental implants

October 15, 2020 562 Views

For an adult, losing teeth is one of the nightmares. Moving around with gaps and open sockets in the mouth is frightening; imagine if it happens. But, if the accident occurs, the dental implant is the most popular solution. The procedure may take time; however, the resulting teeth function naturally and are an exact copy. … Continue reading “The pros and cons of dental implants”

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