Can I Drink Coffee after A Tooth Extraction?

The idea of having a warm cup of coffee is very generous and soothing after a hectic tooth extraction surgery. But, it is not in your best interest to drink it – at least for a few days till your mouth is healing. For a healthy and quick healing process, follow the instructions of your dentist for aftercare. But don’t be sad, you don’t need to hold your craving for too long.

Keeping the Risks of Complications Low 


After tooth extraction, your dentist will recommend to eat certain food and avoid some items and drinks. There is a good reason behind it. After a tooth is pulled out, a blood clot is formed in the extraction area. The formation of a blood clot is a part of the natural healing process. In fact, the blood clot protects the exposed nerves and bone inside the now empty area.

Drinking hot drinks like coffee, right after the surgery, can prevent blood clot formation, or dislodge the formed clot and lead to a condition that dentists call dry socket. Dry socket can give you spikes of sharp pain coming out of the extraction site, as well as an unpleasant taste in your mouth. Therefore, try to avoid coffee after tooth extraction to decrease the chances of dry socket.

Eating and Drinking After the Surgery     


Following the recommendations of your dentist will ensure you a safe and quick healing process. Common advice for patients after extraction is to drink two to three glasses of water and take a small meal. Go for soft, cool, and bland food such as eggs, mashed potatoes. It would be best if you also drank plenty of liquids such as fresh juices and shakes.

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