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When Is The Best Time To Use Mouthwash: Before or After Brushing?

June 30, 2023 561 Views

Brushing teeth and flossing your gums are the most basic steps to managing your oral hygiene. But did you know that using mouthwash is just as important? It is necessary to rinse your mouth with an antimicrobial solution so that no bacteria particles are lingering in your mouth. The only question is, what is the … Continue reading “When Is The Best Time To Use Mouthwash: Before or After Brushing?”

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Is It Good To Use A Alcohol-Free Mouthwash?

September 15, 2021 1476 Views

Along with brushing and flossing your teeth, you must also use a mouthwash, which helps you improve your oral hygiene and health. But did you know that there are two different types of mouthwash available in the market, an alcohol-based and alcohol-free mouthwash? Some Benefits Of Using An Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Here’s why it is good … Continue reading “Is It Good To Use A Alcohol-Free Mouthwash?”

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