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Dangers of using Dental Scrapers at Home

November 15, 2019

We might become conscious of our dental hygiene and may want our teeth to be clean more than regular. This would lead us to look for DIY tools to clean plaque and residue. Some of the instruments may work perfectly well at home; others might apparently look that they are doing wonders, but in reality, … Continue reading “Dangers of using Dental Scrapers at Home”

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Orthodontist or Dentist- Who to choose?

October 30, 2019

People are aware that a regular visit to a dentist helps to keep their teeth healthy. They also prefer going to a dentist for all their teeth and gum problems. However, many are unaware that orthodontics also play an important role in keeping their teeth healthy. Orthodontist or dentist, though may seem similar, offer different … Continue reading “Orthodontist or Dentist- Who to choose?”

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Benefits of flossing teeth

October 15, 2019

Flossing teeth is one of the healthy habits that your dentist consistently reminds of on every visit. No matter what you eat, flossing helps to remove it quickly. People think flossing removes food stuck in between teeth, but it does a lot more than that. Flossing teeth regularly removes plaque, and therefore, it reduces the … Continue reading “Benefits of flossing teeth”

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Can’t Sleep? Your Dentist Might Be Able to Help

September 30, 2019

Are you struggling to get to sleep at night? Do you fall asleep easily, but wake up feeling sluggish? If you are dealing with insomnia, you might find the solution in an unexpected place. There are a few oral health issues that could be affecting the quality of your sleep. Keep reading to learn about … Continue reading “Can’t Sleep? Your Dentist Might Be Able to Help”

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How Sealants Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth

September 20, 2019

Children’s teeth are prone to cavities. Fortunately, there is a simple dental treatment that prevents tooth decay and slows the progression of cavities. Keep reading to learn more about how dental sealants can help preserve your child’s teeth. What are Sealants? Did you know that baby teeth are softer and more porous than adult teeth? … Continue reading “How Sealants Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth”

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How to Deal With Sensitive Teeth

August 22, 2019

Sensitive teeth can have a huge impact on your life. If you deal with tooth pain, you know that something as simple as eating a meal with friends can often cause a great deal of discomfort. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to reduce tooth sensitivity. Keep reading for some helpful tips. Know Your Triggers … Continue reading “How to Deal With Sensitive Teeth”

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3 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

July 29, 2019

Professional teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to transform your smile. Unlike other types of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is simple, non-invasive and will give you dramatic results without committing to oral surgery. Keep reading to learn why this is a great procedure to try! 1- Change Your Look in One Appointment Cosmetic … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Consider Professional Teeth Whitening”

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What are Crowns and Bridges?

July 29, 2019

Crowns and bridges can completely transform your smile. If you are missing teeth or if you have structural damage in your mouth that is affecting your teeth, one of these options might be right for you. Below, we will explain the difference between crowns and bridges so you can choose the best dental tool for … Continue reading “What are Crowns and Bridges?”

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