Causes and Natural Remedies for See-Through Teeth

Have you closely observed your teeth in the mirror; you should as it is essential for oral health. One of the possibilities is that you feel something is not right. Your pearly whites are forming jagged edges with faded white shades, or you see through the teeth. At first, it might be worrying, but wisely thinking about what can be the next stage. The teeth might be thinning and weakening due to which more light can penetrate them, making them see-through; however, this is alarming. The teeth are becoming weaker and can chip or break easily. In this blog, we will explain how teeth become sensitive and ways to prevent further damage.

Why are my teeth sensitive all of a sudden?

Our teeth have different layers for protection; as the layers weaken and expose the internal parts, teeth turn translucent. The three major components of a tooth are enamel, dentin, and pulp. Enamel is the outermost hard layer that we see, which protects the structure. Inside it, dentine is soft but flexible to withstand various forces that the tooth exerts. The pulp is the innermost core with nerves to feel the sensations; whatever we eat, hot or cold pulp gives us the feel. Therefore, as the layers thin down, nerves get exposed, and this increases sensitivity.

Why are my teeth see-through?

There are many reasons for it; one of the major causes is the presence of acid in our mouth that erodes the tooth’s enamel, making it thin and weak. Though the saliva neutralizes the acid’s effect to prevent erosion, the amount exceeds the limit in a few cases. The acid comes from either the food we eat or from within the body. Looking at the food and beverages, carbonated and sports drinks, juices, alcohol, and vitamin tablets contain various acids. Besides, our stomach has a high acid concentration that causes heartburn and acid reflux, affecting the teeth. Vomiting can also contribute to the amount of acid in the mouth. These all contribute to teeth turning translucent if the saliva amount is not sufficient to reduce the acidity.

How to fix see-through teeth naturally

So, if you are in such a situation, look into the matter immediately. First of all, you have to increase your water intake and stop all beverages that contain acid, including fruit juices. Water will balance the increased level of acid in your mouth and generate more saliva, which is beneficial for oral health. Have fresh fruits and veggies as they contain lots of nutrients, and if you have tea or coffee, add an extra glass of water with it. Have stuff with greater levels of calcium like milk and yogurt as it strengthens your teeth. Chewing sugar-free gum after meals for some time has also shown positive results. However, if you have see-through teeth, it is better to consult the Sima Family Dental team to control the condition. To know more, call us at 281-457-6444 .

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