Chewing Gum with Dentures

It does not matter if you are a kid or a grown-up; the love of chewing gum never fades away. It provides freshness to your breath, boosts cognitive functions, eases stress, and give you an opportunity to behave like adult-by blowing bubbles! Some common questions that new dentures wearers keep asking the dentists are, “can you chew gum with dentures?” or “is there any chewing gum for dentures?” The happy part is: yes! You can.

What type of gum can you chew with dentures?  

There has been a growth in demand for gums by the people who wear dentures or those having sensitive teeth. Due to which, the gum producers now produce softer chewing gums, and they also specially design some by keeping denture wearers in mind. These types of gums are less sticky and have a neutral color to prevent damage to dentures in the form of stains.

If you recently have had dentures installed, it would be best for you to choose softer types of gums. At the start, chew it slowly and evenly in your mouth and gradually you will get comfortable chewing gum without any worries.

Choosing chewing gum for dentures

Unlike your natural teeth, dentures cannot get cavities, so you can select any type of gum you want. However, keep in mind that the amount of sugar present in it can still affect your natural teeth. In this regard, the teeth that are adjacent to your partial dentures are at the highest risk. For this reason, going for a pack of sugar-free chewing gum is a good bet.

The choice among brands depends on your taste, so experience them all and find your favorite one.

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