Dental Implants for Seniors

Teeth are valuable assets at all stages of life. Children have healthier teeth, but with age, many oral problems arise. We often see our elders, including grandparents, uncles, and aunts, wearing dentures, but what about the convenience. It is challenging to manage every day with dentures; hence dental implants for seniors are a better option. It looks natural, is durable, and functions similar to natural teeth. After the implant, elders will never feel awkward and embarrassed when meeting with others. Moreover, they can eat everything if their health allows.

Essential considerations in Dental implant for seniors

Few conditions have to match in elders before the implant. This ensures that the gum can hold the implant firmly. These are:

  • After the loss of natural teeth, with time the surrounding bones in the gums lose density. Before the implant, the individual has to have a bone density check. Bones should be healthy to hold new teeth. If everything is normal, the implant can continue.
  • In case if the bone density is less, the individual has to have a bone graft. This extra bone is added to the gums to strengthen them and make them capable of holding the new structure. The procedure is lengthy and takes time.
  • Diseases such as diabetes and immune deficiency are common in elders. If both are high and the condition is uncontrollable, the implant is difficult. However, ask the health practitioner for the best advice.

Besides, for elders who are healthy, but tired of handling the hassle of dentures all the time, having a dental implant can be good news. Many of them are delighted to know that a denture is not the only solution to their missed teeth. Moreover, it restores their natural look, and after the surgery, they can eat everything normally. However, opinions vary.

Benefits of dental implants

Talking about seniors, a few of the advantages are

  • It restores their diet, and they can bite and chew foods that previously lead to discomfort and pain. Additionally, proper chewing of food is also suitable for digestion, which has many health benefits.
  • Appearance is also an essential benefit, as seniors like to restore their looks and compare their photos with their children and grandkids. It gives a feeling of fulfillment and confidence in that age.
  • The implant might seem to look like an expensive procedure; however, it is permanent. With dentures, elders have to visit the clinic for its maintenance regularly and if they break. Looking at the overall picture, implants save money and are a one-time investment. They also don’t need extra care, likewise dentures which need proper cleaning and caring.

Dentures have their pros and cons; however, dental implants are more convenient, long-lasting, and give natural teeth. The new teeth not only look similar but also functions in the same way.

So, if your elders are not comfortable with dentures, try suggesting them to have dental implants. For more information on dental implants for seniors, contact SIMA Dental. Call us at 281-457-6444 to schedule your consultation.

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