Different Types of Professional Teeth Whitening Services

A significant facial feature of us humans is our smile. The set of 32 pearls in our mouth is responsible for chewing our food. However, that is not their only responsibility. The teeth of a human being are a source of confidence and positive expression. The white shine of your teeth gives your smile the look of confidence. Over time, the shine dulls away, and with the shine of their smiles, people also lose their confidence. On the other hand, Teeth whitening services are widely available at dental facilities.

These services are remarkable and effective in restoring the natural white shine of your teeth. People accumulate plaque or bacteria on their teeth as they live on eating and going about their daily lives. This layer of impurities discolors the enamel of the teeth and gives them a yellowish tint. Having a good dental care routine can delay discoloration for a significantly long time. It can delay discoloration for years. However, in due time your teeth will discolor. If you choose to restore the shine of your teeth, we recommend visiting a teeth whitening clinic for the procedure.

Why a Professional Teeth Whitening Service is Better

Teeth whitening is a procedure that needs to be done with precision. Sometimes, it may require harsh chemicals, and a normal person surely has no experience handling them. Applying these chemicals to your teeth can result in overdoing them and harming yourself. Therefore, let the teeth whitening dentist handle it because you wouldn’t want to make a mistake and cause more harm than good.

Types of Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth Whitening Through Laser

This procedure depends on a UV laser to kill off all the bacterial and discolored layers of teeth enamel. A bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and activated through the Laser during the procedure. Before the process, the teeth whitening dentist will cover your gums with a rubber layer to prevent the bleaching solution from reaching the gums. The teeth whitening cost through laser procedure is around $400 to $1800.

Teeth Whitening Through Chemicals

The discoloration of the teeth is a layer of plaque, tartar, or enamel. The chemical application will break down these discolored layers and reveal the natural white layer of your teeth. The main chemical for this process is Hydrogen-Peroxide. If you feel bubbles in your mouth during the procedure, the procedure is working. Your gums are covered before starting the procedure to protect them from the chemical. The procedure may take around an hour, and the teeth whitening cost is around $600.


Sometimes, the discoloration is so severe that whitening processes are not enough. In this case, permanent veneers are a good alternative. Veneers are an artificial cover for your teeth that looks very similar to original teeth. Anyone with no experience in dental work will not be able to tell the difference. Veneers will give your teeth a new shining white look and will last for years. Veneers cost around $900 to $2500 because dental insurance does not cover the procedure.


A teeth whitening service is not something you can doubt. A dentist is specially certified to apply these procedures. If you need teeth whitening in Channelview, Texas, contact Sima Family Dental at (281) 457-6444.

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