Eating With Dentures

If you recently had dentures, adjusting your eating habits will take some time. But eventually, you will come to your regular diet. Though dentures replace your natural teeth, they will not feel the same, and you will have to change the way you handle your food.

Taste and Sensitivity

With the new device in your mouth, some of your food items may taste differently. So to bring out the previous taste, you may want to add extra flavors and spice. Your teeth may be less sensitive towards hard food, which may put your dentures at the risk of breakage. A good recommendation is to avoid food or drinks that are too hot.

The Right BiteĀ 

Eating with dentures is very different from eating with natural teeth, but trying to manage it from the start can help you adjust. Go with soft and easy to chew foods, and cut them into small chunks. Chew more slowly and use both sides of your mouth.

While having dentures in your mouth, avoid biting at the front. This makes the dentures unstable, causing soreness in the gumline. If you need to bite, then do so using your canines.

After Few Weeks

After a few days or weeks, you may feel more comfortable with dentures. Now you can add some firm food items to your diet. Still try to avoid hot and sticky foods or the ones that contain sharp bones. And do not forget the recommendation of chewing from both sides as it helps to keep even pressure in your mouth.

After a few months, eating with dentures will nearly be the same with natural teeth. So, you will be able to return to your normal diet and enjoy it like before. But when eating hard items, keep in mind to cook them properly as they can always damage the dentures.

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