Floss Picks And If Its Effects On Your Teeth And Gums

Recent studies show that about sixteen percent of people floss once a day, and about eight percent of people do not floss at all.

Do you always have an excuse to skip flossing, then your dental health is in danger. And if so, you’re not alone. Hence read this article to learn about floss picks.

You may feel that thread flossing is an extremely tedious task, but that doesn’t mean you can simply skip it because the leftover food particles in between your teeth will turn into plaque and tartar. And as this build-up increases, it can result in serious dental conditions like gingivitis and gum diseases.

How Well Do You Know Floss Picks

What Is Floss Picks?

Floss picks which also go by the name of a dental floss stick, are an interdental cleaner. Its shape is like a D and is made of plastic with floss on both sides. And its purpose is to remove food particles in between your teeth. These sticks are disposable and can be bought over the counter.

How Affective Are Floss Picks?

As per the American Dental Association, floss picks are among the best interdental cleaners that can help clean between teeth. Although brushing can never be replaced and will clean the surface of the teeth, it cannot work through the small gaps in between the teeth. Hence for the tight spaces, you need to use a floss pick.

What’s The Difference Between Regular Floss And Floss Pick?

If you see the records, both are the same and effective. But like every human being is different, so are our dental needs hence flossing may be difficult for you, and a floss pick may do the magic. The most important thing is your commitment to dental hygiene. Make sure to use the method that you are most comfortable with. You should not begin it and then suddenly stop because you were not feeling easy with it.

So now we believe you have a much clearer picture of what floss picks mean and how they can benefit you and help you achieve the best of your dental health. But if you are still looking to learn more about it, visit Sima Family Dental and speak to our specialists for assistance. Call us at 281-457-6444 to book your appointment now.

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