Getting A Dental Filling Done During During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding?

Everything depends on how your pregnancy is going. If there aren’t any complications, you can get a dental filling done, whereas if there is any complication, it is best to wait out until delivery.

The best choice you can make is to visit your dentist before your pregnancy and get a dental checkup done. Since laying down on the dental chair could provide discomfort, keep your appointments short.

If you have to, you can get any dental treatment done during the term of breastfeeding, except for teeth whitening. Since anesthetics could affect breast milk, a substitute is also available.

Can I Get My Teeth Whitened During Pregnancy?

The answer here is no! Medical research has yet been unable to answer if teeth whitening can cause harm to the mother or the baby. But to be safe, avoid getting any teeth whitening done during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Whitening ingredients in your everyday toothpaste aren’t strong enough to cause any harm to the mother or the child; hence you can continue doing that. A decayed tooth is a home for all sorts of bacteria, and it would be best to get such a decayed tooth removed during pregnancy.

What About Veneers And Crowns?

Because Veneers and Crowns are treatments that take a lot longer than other treatments, they are discouraged because it would be difficult to lay back for so long on the dental chair, and comfort is most important at that time. You could always get the treatment done after your delivery.

What About Implants and Extractions?

If the decayed tooth is causing pain, your dentist will extract the tooth as it’s an emergency, but if there is no such pain, then the extraction must wait till after delivery. Similarly, your dentist will always recommend placing an implant after delivery.

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