Here Are Some Habits You Should Follow While Brushing

Replace Your Toothbrush

Although it’s said that old is gold, but this is not valid in the case of your toothbrush! Hence you must change your toothbrush every three to four months. Bristles that are frayed and broken will not clean your teeth effectively. And if you have fallen sick, you should replace your toothbrush after you recover.

Brush Twice A Day

We all love speed, but when it comes to brushing your teeth, you need to brush for atleast two minutes twice a day, every day. This will help keep your teeth healthy.

Be Gentle To Your Mouth

You might be someone who spends four hours a day in the gym but try being gentle on your teeth. To remove all the food particles and bacteria from your mouth, all you need is to make sure you brush your teeth gently.

When Is The Right Time To Brush

You should wait for least sixty minutes after eating or drinking acidic stuff foodstuff. I.e., soda, lemons, grapefruit juice, etc. Brushing before time can damage your teeth’ enamel.

Keep Your Brush Properly

Make sure you properly store your brush after using it. It should be kept upright and in the open air. This will keep it dry and not let bacteria grow on it.

Make Sure You Are Using A Soft Toothbrush

If you use a toothbrush with hard bristles on it, it can damage your gums and teeth over time.

How To Choose A Suitable Toothbrush?

When it is time to buy a new toothbrush, things can get a little confusing with the variety of toothbrushes available in the market today. All of them are good at cleaning your teeth. The latest electric brushes quite popular these days as they are easy to handle, and some also have a timer to remind you that it’s time to brush your teeth. But remember that it is not the toothbrush that cleans the teeth. It is you who is brushing the teeth. It’s all up to you on how do you brush and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

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