Here Is Why Your Gums Bleed While You Are Flossing Your Teeth

Patients complain to their dentist all the time about bleeding gums. Some portray it as the reason they stopped flossing. Others believe that bleeding gums are casual. It is essential to understand that bleeding gums are not usual or healthy for your oral health. If your gums are bleeding, the message is unambiguous. Something is wrong.

In most cases, bleeding signifies that bacteria is building within your mouth, leading to a gum disease commonly known as gingivitis, where you feel an inflammation within your gum line. People who smoke, have diabetes, or suffer from extraordinary amounts of stress are more likely to suffer from gingivitis and should take extra care.

Gingivitis is curable, but the sooner you see your dentist, the better. Once gingivitis advances, it leads to medical problems such as periodontitis, more commonly known as gum disease.

An excess of plaque in the mouth can lead to gingivitis. Flossing helps remove the plaque from places that toothbrushes can not reach.

If your gums bleed when you floss, do not stop. Instead, floss regularly and for even longer. If the bleeding does not stop in a few days, visit your dental hygienist, and find out if you will need gum treatment.’

It is also necessary to remember not to floss too aggressively or violently, which would lead to weakened and bleeding gums and eventually gum disease. Try being gentle and light-handed instead. While visiting your dentist next time, show them how you floss. Your dentist will be able to evaluate if your technique is correct.

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