How to eat a hamburger with dentures?

When wearing dentures, most people worry about eating their favorite foods. These replacement teeth help fill up gaps and function; likewise, people face difficulty biting hard and crunchy food. Simple queries that come up are how to eat a hamburger with dentures or your favorite slice of pizza? So, to make things easy and less complicated, let’s first look at the few best and worst foods for dentures.

Best foods

Following are the best foods you can have when wearing dentures; these are healthy options and good for your oral health.

  • Soft fruits and vegetable, one’s that are ripe, or you can cook and soften them for meals. Few examples are mangoes, bananas, or boiled potatoes. Or you can also have fresh juices or smoothies made out of them.
  • Have spreads on sandwiches that are rich in protein. It is suitable for your health, and you can easily chew a sandwich made out of an egg, hummus, or other protein spreads.
  • When making choices in meat, few types are a bit difficult to chew. You can have fish easily with dentures; however, having ham or beef is difficult until thinly sliced and soft. It is better to have it in small pieces.
  • When it comes to chocolates, we all love them. They go fantastic with dentures and even have health benefits. There are many soft ones available for you to enjoy wearing dentures.

Worst foods

It is best not to have hard and crunchy fruits and vegetables with dentures to break your dentures. You have to exert pressure while biting carrots and apples, so have juices if you want. Don’t have nuts or thick, chewy paste like peanut butter, and avoid chops as they are too tough to chew. You can’t have candies or sticky sweets to as there is a risk that your dentures might dislodge. So take care while making choices.

How do you eat a hamburger with dentures?

Whether you are wearing full or partial dentures, you have to be careful when eating a hamburger. Here are some tips that might help you out.

  • When starting to eat your hamburger, make sure it is soft and juicy with soft bread. Try not to use front teeth for biting the burger.
  • Try to have small pieces; it is better to cut small pieces with a knife and then put them in your mouth. Try to chew slowly and from both sides of your mouth.
  • Remove crunchy vegetables if present in the burger as it might damage the dentures. A soft and juicy piece of ham is ok to go along. Even lettuce is not easy to teat using dentures, especially if you are a new denture wearer.
  • Don’t eat it hot. Bring it to room temperature before taking a bite. A hot piece can burn the tissues in your mouth, which you might sometimes notice later.

So using these, you can have the hamburger or other food; take care while biting and chewing. Initial days are tough, but when you get used to them, it becomes simpler and more comfortable.

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