How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can be painful and overwhelming. Unfortunately, these accidents can happen to anyone. If you are dealing with severe tooth pain or have just broken a tooth, follow these steps to stay safe and quickly find help.

Don’t Panic!

We know this is easier said than done. However, panic can make your pain feel more severe and can also impact your decision-making abilities. Take a deep breath so you can properly handle the situation.

Collect Fragments

If you are dealing with a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, try to locate the missing tooth piece so you can bring it to the dentist. If you have had an entire tooth knocked out, gently reposition the tooth in the socket and come to the dentist immediately. When you bring a missing tooth or tooth fragment to the dentist, they may be able to restore it.

Call an Emergency Dentist

As soon as you have a dental emergency, call a dentist who specializes in these situations. An emergency dentist will be able to provide you with calm medical care and immediate service.

When you call Sima Dental in an emergency, we will be able to quickly evaluate the problem over the phone and advise you on what to do while you make your way to our practice. Our offices are equipped with the latest technology and our staff is trained in emergency care. If you have a dental emergency, call Sima Dental at 281-457-6444 to speak to a staff member immediately.

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