How to Remove Decalcification after Braces

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, specifically braces, you need to keep exemplary dental hygiene. The bonding cement that affixes the braces and teeth together creates a seal that can allow microbes to go through the enamel. With time bacteria will breed in these regions and begin to wear down the minerals in the tooth. This will be most likely that you will not notice it until the removal of braces. White spots will appear on your teeth in the outline of where the braces used to be, known as decalcification or demineralization.

Fortunately, there are a few methods to remove decalcification but only with the help of a dentist.

Visit your dentist to find out the right approach for you. This could depend on your dentist’s recommendations based on his or her expertise. Moreover, factors such as finances and the severity of your decalcification after braces can also influence the method they advise. Here is a short explanation of each method, they move in order from light to more severe decalcification.

Treatment Options

Re-Mineralization – if your demineralization is not severe, you can try a homeopathic or a fluoride-rich tooth powder when brushing. This will help whiten the remaining tooth to balance the shade difference and help restore the top layer of enamel.

Microabrasion – this technique uses hydrochloric acid and pumice to remove the stains from the teeth. This might be an easy solution for minor decalcification.

Veneers – Veneers are a custom made shell for your teeth. They are made of composite porcelain material and can improve the color and shape of the teeth.

Composite Restoration – if there is larger tooth decay, you can ask about composite restoration. This is a plastic and glass mixture that is applied to the tooth’s damaged part. It’s a halfway step before a filling.

If you are a victim of decalcification, a session with your dentist can help find the best course of treatment. To schedule an appointment, call Sima Family Dental at 281-457-6444.

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