Identifying Dead Tooth Symptoms

Oral hygiene is as important as other kinds of hygiene. It’s crucial to maintain good long term health of your teeth and gums. However, many of us fail to keep up with oral care, which can result in a dead tooth and other unfavorable conditions.

A dead tooth is one that no longer receives a fresh supply of blood. For identifying a dead tooth, it is important to have an idea about its symptoms. Dead tooth symptoms are simple and easy to identify. Discoloration or a grey tooth is one such symptom.

The color of teeth is usually a fresh shade of white; however, a dying tooth will start changing color. Discoloration from dying tooth is different than discoloration due to poor oral hygiene and diet. A patient may also pain because of the dying nerve or an infection.

Dead Tooth Symptoms 

Symptoms of a dead tooth include bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, and swelling around the gum line. If a person experiences any of these, they have the possibility of having dead tooth symptoms. In such a case, it is best to treat them. Instead of delaying the matter for worse a person should approach a dentist immediately and should not keep a dead tooth in his/her mouth. Delaying can cause dead tooth symptoms to worsen and affect a person’s health.

Treatment of Dead Tooth

For fixing a dead tooth, the dentist will either ask for an X-Ray or simply identify the dead tooth by looking at it. The doctor may either treat it using the root canal technique or remove it altogether. The treatment varies from the severity of the dead tooth condition.


If proper and reasonable care is taken of oral hygiene and well-being, a person can reduce the chances of having a dead tooth to a great extent. It is best to take precautionary measures as dead tooth pain can accelerate to a high degree.

At Sima Dental, we treat a dead tooth with care and give medicines for relieving pain before and after the treatment so that the patient may not feel uncomfortable. If you think you have symptoms similar to a decaying tooth, contact us on 281-457-6444, and we will guarantee the best treatment.

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