Is it better to get a root canal or Implant?

After surviving from the accident, I had no option left but to opt for a root canal or Implant. The tragedy not only affected me physically but damaged my oral health. The damaged tooth needed repairs quickly; otherwise, the jaw, bone, and the remaining teeth would suffer. Hence, to make the right decision, it was necessary to know both the processes and compare them to choose the most suitable option. However, a root canal is more common than Implant as it saves natural teeth and gives quick results. On the other hand, if the teeth’ condition is worst and removal is necessary, then Implant is the most suitable option.

Root canal or Implant

The interior of the teeth holds nerves and pulp. During the root canal, the tooth is inspected, cleaned, and repaired from inside. The treatment uses unique tools, and on completion, a sealant closes the teeth’s empty holes. Often a crown is placed to protect the root and tooth’s structure. This process will extend the life of your natural tooth. Besides, if we consider implants situation is different. It occurs when the natural tooth is lost, and there is a need for an artificial structure to hold the bone, jaws, and other teeth alignment.

Dental Implant has several benefits:

  • After the loss of a tooth, the jaws lose their bone strength. The Implant prevents this loss, and the resulting artificial tooth functions and looks precisely similar to a natural tooth.
  • They preserve the face appearance; the alignment of teeth has a significant impact on our face’s shape and symmetry.
  • After dental implants, the individual can lead an everyday life, and there is no restriction on eating and drinking patterns. However, oral hygiene needs utmost care.
  • It has a tremendous success rate and gives long-lasting results.

Advantages of root canal

Besides, talking about a root canal, this process saves the natural tooth and extends its life. Benefits of the root canal are;

  • The process is pain-free due to the use of anesthesia.
  • The root canal is a quick procedure, and there is a need for only a few dental visits. At times the treatment is done in one go only. It is also an affordable procedure, being cost-effective typically patients prefer it.
  • After the procedure, the crown placed on the tooth gives a nice and appealing look. It improves your smile and enhances your confidence to face and speak in public.

Which one to choose?

The root canal is the first option to look forward to preserve the tooth. After the treatment, the bone loss itself restores naturally. A dental implant is an option when the patient’s tooth damages, and there is not much coronal structure remaining. The root canal will not work in this case. However, ultimately the damaged tooth will need extraction in the next five to ten years after the root canal treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene after the treatment will extend this period.

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