Laughing Gas Mask- An Effective Sedation

Sitting relaxed without anxiety in a dentist’s chair is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many have an excessive fear of going to the dentist. They may refuse to take any sedation, as well. Laughing Gas Mask has become one of the popular methods for providing sedation for many such people. It is an odorless and colorless gas that the dentists use as sedation during the treatment. It has a quick effect on the patient and helps to relax and make the patient more comfortable. However, it is nothing like shown in the movies. People do not get a laughing attack after wearing the mask.

The benefits

One may not fall asleep soon after wearing the laughing gas mask because this is not its purpose. If the dentist asks any question, the person will be able to answer them clearly. After wearing the laughing gas mask, one may not start feeling the sensations all of a sudden. It takes about some minutes for it to develop. The body may tingle for a while, but then it gets better, and a person starts feeling light and calm. The laughing gas masks are safe; therefore, it is the most preferred sedative. A person can even drive the car after taking laughing gas as the effects of the laughing gas mask go away once the mask is removed.

Negative Side Effects 

Although there are not many people who say they that they had a bad experience with the laughing gas masks, however, it cannot be denied that there are none. A few adverse side effects may occur if the nitrous level in the mask is way too high.

It is one of the best sedatives any dentist can use during the treatment of his/her patient. However, the need for it is limited to a few treatments only. Sima Dental prefers to know its patients’ choice before using anything and therefore takes consent from the patient. For any further information call on 281-457-6444

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