Orthodontist or Dentist- Who to choose?

People are aware that a regular visit to a dentist helps to keep their teeth healthy. They also prefer going to a dentist for all their teeth and gum problems. However, many are unaware that orthodontics also play an important role in keeping their teeth healthy. Orthodontist or dentist, though may seem similar, offer different treatments. It is important to know when should a person visit either of the two. A person should also know what services these two specialists provide that make them different from each other.

Orthodontist or dentist-The difference

A dentist takes care of the overall oral health of a person. He/she identifies any problems related to teeth and gums. The dentist treats decaying teeth, and gum diseases. He/she also suggests maintaining oral hygiene. The dentist would also work for teeth whitening and placing crowns and implants to ease the patients from dental pain.

Orthodontic, on the other hand, works with aligning the teeth. The treatment by orthodontists includes the straightening of teeth with the use of braces, treating crowded teeth, or reducing gaps between teeth.

When to go to an orthodontist or a dentist?

Though some of the services both provide are similar; however, there are some specific differences between the two. Where a dentist deals with the overall oral health of a person, an orthodontist only specializes in providing treatment related to the alignment of teeth. A dentist might also offer to put braces and other aligners, but he/she is not a specialized person for that. Orthodontics work on correcting the over and underbites and supports to make teeth appear straight. So, if you specifically want treatment for teeth alignment, then an orthodontist is the right person for the job.

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