These Are the Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

Without any further explanation let us jump into why and what are the worst drinks for your teeth.

1. Coffee

You must be hating this word on the top of the list because coffee is the ultimate energy booster that makes millions of people ready for the daily hustle and bustle. But the thing is that the natural brown color of coffee can turn your teeth ugly yellow, and this happens due to the erosion of your enamel that exposes the dentin. Moreover, most people enjoy coffee with sugar, which also increases the chance of cavities.

2. Tea

So you are not a fan of coffee but need a day to get you going in the morning? Then this point will not be your favorite one. Tea contains antioxidants that are very beneficial for the defense system of your body against oral cancer. However, the black tea and other darker blends can bring your teeth to the same condition as coffee.

3. Soda

The charming taste of soda comes from the mixture of high doses of sugar and acid that it contains. And it is the same mixture that causes wear and tears to your tooth enamel over time, staining your teeth and leading to decay and cavities.

4. Alcohol

It doesn’t matter if you only like to sip your wine or are more of a beer person; the strength of most alcoholic drinks can wear down your tooth enamel. The high sugar content of these drinks can also cause gum diseases, and red wines are known to leave heavy stains on your teeth.

5. Sports Drinks

Whether they give you that energy boost or not but thinking of drinking an energy drink can somehow stimulate your energy levels. However, it comes with a cost; the high content of acid in these drinks can damage tooth enamel even more than soda.

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