Treatment for Loose Teeth

Explaining loose teeth treatment is much more complicated than this brief review will allow. For this reason, you need to see your dentist for a detailed assessment and diagnosis of what is causing your loose teeth. However, what you are experiencing may be the result of periodontal (gum) disease. A bone that normally supports the teeth (together with the periodontal ligament that attaches bone to the teeth) is progressively lost.

Looseness of teeth is the result of bite injury that can damage the remaining periodontal structures of the teeth. The injury comes in two varieties:

  • Primary occlusal trauma
  • Secondary occlusal trauma

Teeth looseness is the most common cause of secondary occlusal trauma. The approach to the treatment of loose teeth is both biological and mechanical.

Biological approach

The biological approach involves treating the gum disease to provide an environment in which the periodontal attachment can heal.

Mechanical approach

The mechanical approach involves the following:

  • Treating the effects of the force on the periodontal ligament
  • Adjusting forces applied to the teeth
  • Plus modifying the amount of biting force generated by the jaw muscles and received by the teeth during biting.

A periodontist may achieve it in a variety of ways, depending upon the degree of looseness of the teeth.

Alternative Treatment for Loose Teeth

Another treatment for loose teeth is by orthodontic treatment— to reposition teeth so that they receive forces more evenly and appropriately. However, it can be a complicated process especially if there is underlying periodontal disease. When applied correctly, the controlled forces to move the teeth can be used to regenerate lost bone and create new periodontal attachment.

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