Veneers vs. crowns; which is the best choice

A smile lightens up the world around us. We all want a tremendous lasting smile; however, for it, we need clean white teeth. Both veneers and crowns are a great solution to restore your teeth and smile. They cover up the dull, cracked, discolor and misshape teeth so that what appears is a flawless, bright structure. Although both serve the same purpose, their use depends on the extent of your gums and teeth’ flaws. In the following article, we will discuss each detail and discuss the differences between veneers vs. crown. This would help you in deciding which one to opt for.

Veneers vs. crowns

Both are in use widely and improve the person’s appearance. To differentiate between them, a crown is thicker and covers the tooth entirely. It is like a cap that surrounds the whole outer enamel and is of porcelain or metal alloy. At times both these structures combine together in the crown. On the other hand, veneers are 1 mm thick, and they attach to the tooth’s front side. These are of porcelain or other materials. Unlike crowns, veneers don’t cover the whole tooth. Your individual needs will determine what you need to restore the teeth appearance. Both work to restore the following:

    Teeth that have cracks are chipped or broken
    Dull or discolored teeth, or the ones with strains
    Crooked teeth
    As support for decay or weak teeth

Fixing procedure

Veneers and crowns are customized as per your teeth. They easily fit and give a natural appearance. First, the practitioners will take your teeth’ impression for the exact look and size for veneers. You might have to wear a temporary one for few days. Once ready, the permanent veneers will fuse onto the teeth. Afterward, you have to take proper care of it and pay attention to oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth regularly and avoid grinding and clenching them. If you have any such habit, discuss with us and wear night guards for its safety.

To attach crowns, similar to veneers, the practitioners take tooth size and appearance to prepare the mold. It is custom designed. Before securing the crown, the doctor will check for oral decay, diseases, or cavities. These need treatment first; only then will the jaws support the crown. There is a possibility that you may require local anesthesia for this procedure, depending on your case. Finally, using the solution, the crown is put on the tooth.

Veneers and crowns

These attach to the teeth and give a natural look. You might have to wear temporary solutions for few days till the permanent is ready to place in your mouth. For more information on veneers vs. crowns and which one is best for you, contact the SIMA Family Dental team.

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