What Can Be The Consequences Of Thumb Sucking?

If you are a parent of a two to a three-year-old child; you would have seen your child using the sucking behavior to calm themselves down. When they were infants, they used pacifiers, but they now have a habit of sucking on their thumb as they got older. Read this article to learn about some consequences of thumb sucking you might face with your child.

In most cases, thumb sucking can lead to the two most severe and permanent side effects. These dental malocclusions are open bite and an overbite. If a child is suffering from any of them, you will see the tooth’s misalignment when their mouth is closed.

What Is Open Bite?

If you notice that your child’s top and bottom teeth are directed outwards, it is an indication that your child is suffering from an open bite. If so is the case, once your child has stopped sucking their thumb, your pediatric dentist can correct their open bite with orthodontic correction.

What Is An Overbite?

If you notice your child’s upper front teeth are directed outwards, it is an indication that your child is suffering from an overbite. You will also see that their top teeth cover the bottom teeth when your child closes their mout

You Child Should Stop Thumb Sucking

Besides the two mentioned dental malocclusions, your child can often fall sick as sucking their thumb can always put germs in their mouth. You can try some tricks to stop them from sucking their thumb, like:

  • Place something bitter on their thumb so when they suck it, it’ll taste bad, and they will remove it.
  • Have your child wear gloves when they’re asleep, as this will not lower their temptation to suck their thumb.

If your child is sucking his/her thumb and cannot stop this habit of theirs; visit us at Sima Family Dental, and our team of experienced pediatric dentists will be able to assist. Call us at 281-457-6444 to book an appointment.

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