What Do You Know About Temporary Crowns?

A temporary crown is a tooth-shaped cap that temporarily protects your natural tooth or implant until a permanent crown is made and fixed. Temporary crowns are very delicate; therefore, you will have to be extra careful while flossing or chewing.

When do you need temporary crowns?

You will need them when your tooth requires a traditional permanent crown. A permanent crown can take a few weeks to be made according to your specifications. Meanwhile, your dentist will put a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready.
A temporary crown is to:

• Maintain spaces between the teeth
• Decrease tooth or gum sensitivity
• Protect natural tooth
• Cover a tooth with an implant or root canal
• Help you to eat and chew properly
• Fill the gaps so you can smile normally

How will it look like?

The shape and color of a temporary crown are much like natural teeth. But they might not give a perfect look, because they will not be there for long. Moreover, the color might not perfectly match your other teeth because of the material used. On the other hand, your dentist will make sure that that your permanent crown looks perfect, and the shade matches that of your natural teeth.

Eating with temporary crowns

Your dentist will fix the temporary crown with temporary cement and make it fully functional so that you can eat without any problem.

• But the cement is not permanent, therefore be careful while you eat and try to avoid hard and sticky food items.
• Also, be careful with sugary food as the sugar might find its way between the crown and gum line and cause decay.
• Try to avoid too cold or hot items. They might affect the temporary cement holding the crown

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