What Is A Dead Tooth And What Do You Do If You Have One?

When a cavity infects your tooth, and you do not go to a dentist for treatment; there are chances the infection may reach the bottom of the roots of the tooth. This means that once this happens, the pulp in the teeth is infected and should be treated, and if you do not treat it now, the situation can get worse. The only way to cure the infection is to undergo root canal treatment. When your dentist does a root canal treatment, they remove the infected pulp and treat the tooth due to which blood will no longer flow to your tooth; hence your tooth is now a dead tooth.

How Does A Tooth Die?

When the nerves in your tooth are damaged or removed, it stops the supply of blood in that particular tooth; hence your tooth dies. But these are the only ways a tooth may die. It could also happen if you experience physical trauma on your face. But the most common reason for a dead tooth is your decaying tooth.

Once your tooth is dead, chances are it may fall off immediately; but if it doesn’t, you will have to have it removed due to stop the spread of infection across all other teeth.

How To Identify A Dead Tooth

It is very easy to identify a dead tooth. It would be best if you kept an eye on your teeth; and when you identify one or more of these symptoms, it means you have a dead tooth.

  • The Color Of The Tooth Changes: The color of your tooth changes to dark black, green or yellow. The color change displays that the red blood cells in the tooth are dying; hence you need to see your dentist immediately.
  • You Will Experience Tooth Pain: When your tooth is infected, and the infection is reaching the pulp of the teeth, you will experience extreme pain. But there is no way to tell how much pain you will experience because the degree of pain is different from one person to another.

How To Treat A Dead Tooth

Once your tooth has died, what is the next thing to do? Will the tooth remain in your mouth and function like a regular tooth or should you visit your dentist to have it removed and replace it with a dental implant or crown and prevent other teeth from getting damaged?

It begins with an X-ray, which your dentist will examine to see the source of the decay and how its spread. Once the dentist is clear on the level of infection, they will then recommend extraction or a root canal. If you have your tooth extracted, you will have to have it filed with an implant, or if you opt for a root canal, the dead tooth can remain in your mouth without the risk of any further infection.

What’s Next?

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