What is a Wisdom Tooth Abscess? | Find out everything you need to know and more.

What is a Wisdom Tooth Abscess?

An abscess is exactly what it sounds like: a dark abyss of bacterial growth within your tooth. It commonly occurs in wisdom teeth, especially when they are only halfway out. Therefore, a wisdom tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that grows in the middle of the tooth or within the gums surrounding it.

Usually, the pulp (middle of the tooth) is more susceptible to infection. This is due to the fact that your body does its best to contain the outbreak rather than letting it spread at large.

  • Impaction
    Impaction occurs when a wisdom tooth affects its surroundings while it is still in the process of sprouting. Due to this, the area encircling the tooth, be it gums or the tooth’s inner layer itself, becomes infected. Thus, the irregularity of the tooth can cause pus-filled clusters to form.
  • Poor Dental Hygiene
    If you do not care for your oral health, it is highly likely that your teeth or gum will get infected. As a result, neglecting to brush your teeth or flossing could lead to potential dangers.
  • Bacterial Buildup
    A pre-existing infection could also cause an abscess to take root. For example, untreated cavities or long-term canker sores near the tooth.

How to Identify a Wisdom Tooth Abscess

Considering how the gums conceal most of the wisdom tooth’s body, there lies a high chance for bacteria to fester and grow. Nonetheless, if you sense your wisdom tooth popping out to say hello, here’s how you can take precautions. To begin with, the following signs will help you identify if there is an underlying abscess developing within your wisdom tooth.

  • Foul Breath
  • Bitter taste in mouth
  • Inability to chew food
  • Highly sensitive tooth
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen lymph nodes near the base of jaw
  • Irregular and throbbing pain
  • Bright red and tender gums
  • Pain that reaches out from jaw, to ears and neck


In some cases, an abscess in your tooth can be labeled as a dental emergency. Moreover, if you let the abscess advance it could lead to extremely dangerous outcomes. For instance the pus could find its way into your bloodstream and cause a life-threatening disease called Sepsis. On the other hand, you could also potentially damage your jaw permanently if the infection festers. But fear not! There are ways you can treat this phenomenon.

  • Get it Drained
    Seek a professional to help drain the abscess in your wisdom tooth.
  • Medication
    If the abscess has not yet developed completely, taking medicines will do the job.
  • Fluoride Treatment
    In the case that your abscess is in its initial stages, gently brushing it with fluoride toothpaste will do the trick.
  • Extraction
    Extraction is used as a last resort. That is to say, if your gums have become extremely inflamed or it hurts to move your jaw, then, rather than risking any dangers, pulling out your wisdom tooth may be the best solution.

The Final Breakdown

To summarize, taking care of your oral hygiene should be your first priority. It is equally important to brush your teeth and floss daily. This way, you can prevent any bacteria that may cling on. Furthermore, with a little bit of precaution and care, you too can combat a wisdom tooth abscess. For more information, visit SIMA Family Dental Center, and if you wish to schedule an appointment, then ring up 281-457-6444.

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