Why Does Dental Cleaning Hurt So Much?

Dental cleaning is a general part of any oral hygiene routine, but it can sometimes be a source of anxiety for those who are still triggered by it and get hesitant about dental checkups.

Why Does A Dental Cleaning Hurts So Much?

Sometimes, people avoid visiting a dentist, even for routine cleanings, because the fear has been instilled in them of the dentist and the pain they have endured through the procedures.

Reasons Why Dental Cleaning Might Hurt:

Dental cleaning should not be painful and time consuming as much of that has to do with your dentist and their skill, care, and the communication between you two.

1) Sensitive Teeth and Gums:
One of the common reasons why dental cleaning might hurt is due to the sensitivity of teeth and gums. Most individuals naturally have sensitive teeth due to thin enamel, making cleaning their teeth uncomfortable.

Cold water or air and the pressure applied during cleaning cause the nerves inside the tooth to lead to a sharp, pinching, sudden pain.

2) Inflammation and Gum Disease:
Suppose you have inflamed gums. In that case, a dental cleaning indeed causes discomfort because the inflammation can make your gums more sensitive to touch, and scaling around these areas can be painful.

Regular cleaning can help prevent such conditions and lead to less painful future appointments and less anxiety.

3) Deep Tartar Buildup:
An excess buildup of tartar or stubborn plaque, especially below the gum line, can make cleaning more intricate, causing discomfort and pain.
Tartar buildup often occurs when regular dental cleaning is avoided, and the anxiety of going to the dentist grows equally.

4) Exposed Nerve Endings:
Another reason for discomfort during a dental cleaning can be the presence of exposed nerve endings due to gum exposure of the roots, cavities, or cracks in your teeth.

When these sensitive areas come into contact with dental instruments, water, or air during cleaning, it can stimulate the nerves and cause piercing pain.

5) Anxiety and Tension:
Not all reasons for discomfort during dental cleaning are physical. Sometimes, it is also psychological, which makes a fearful to go to the dentist, as the fear grows, it turns into anxiety.

It can be because of past experiences gone wrong with the dentist.

So, the fear of dental procedures, also known as dental anxiety, can make you hyperaware of every sensation and cause the cleaning to feel more distressful.
In more extreme cases, it could be a sign of dental phobia. However, there is no need for any stress as Dr. Rahgozar strives to consistently provide the utmost care to his patients.

Why Consultation With Your Dentist Is Essential When It Comes To Your Anxiety? Do not hesitate to let your dentist know about your any discomfort regarding your past experiences and the fear you have. Have open communication to build a bond so they can adjust their techniques, use numbing agents, or provide breaks during cleaning to make your experience more comfortable and less painful.
Furthermore, you can trust Dr. Rahgozar for his skills, and for making you relax by trusting his techniques and listening to calming music during the procedure.

Final Thoughts

Overall, while dental cleaning can sometimes be uncomfortable but also healthy for overall health, there are numerous steps both you and your dental professional can take to make it a more comfortable experience and have a bond that can de-stress you.
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